Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Financial Health is exactly?

Financial Health is the result of applying the right financial behaviours in one’s life. It consists on the ability of a person to be able to satisfy their day-to-day needs and wants without recurring debt. Saving money to achieve one’s goals and sustain financial shocks, for example, a big health emergency or downturn on the Economy. And ultimately, being able to create diverse sources of income, for example, investments in stocks or real estate. To get a more robust definition, check out this article we wrote for you.

2. What is the pricing of the app?

The Utopian Finance app will have a 60-days free trial. After that period, the user will be charged a monthly subscription of just €2,49.

3. Will the app be safe?

We take Security very seriously. First and foremost, because we ourselves will use the app on a daily basis.
We will be using top bank-level encryption in the app, coupled with our own system that demands two-factor authentication each time the user logs in.

4. What are the Early Benefits mentioned when I subscribe to the Beta Release?

All Beta Users will get an extra free-month, for being a part of our very First Generation of Users (FGUs). It’s our humble way of saying: “Thank You” for putting your faith in us.